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Catherine "Kay" Richardson

Celebration of Life Service will be Private

Catherine “Kay” Richardson, born in 1930, passed away peacefully at her home on Thursday, September 16, 2021. For those of you who are bad at math, that made her 91 years old. She was a full-blooded Irish Catholic New Yorker, born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. She was raised by her Irish immigrant parents, Michael F. O’Hara and Mary “Molly” Lannigan, both deceased (again, if you are bad at math, she was 91 after all). She was married twice, first to Bob Lind and later widowed by Charles “Rich” Richardson. She spent many of her later years with Charles “Charlie” Baldwin, but they never married.  

On the other side, she will meet both her husbands and significant other, her two siblings, Mike “Joey” O’Hara and Mary “May” Meagher, and her son, Gregory Michael Lind. So far, her daughter and son-in-law are still alive, Karen J. Richardson and Matthew D. Schertz whom she lived with (or they lived with her) for the last 4 years of her long life. She is also survived by her beloved dog, Co-Co.

Catherine leveraged many of the qualities of what one may think of a as “real New Yorker” (with respect, don’t break our legs). She talked (“taw-uhked”) with a loud New York accent, not just when she became hard of hearing either, but before then too. She yelled as much as she laughed. When asked, why she was yelling, Catherine would say “I’m not yelling. I’m from New Yawk. That’s how we taw-uhk.” She was funny, loyal, and loved her family with all her being. 

Catherine also loved life especially around the holidays. She was a holiday hoarder! From the expensive to “The General Dolla” she did not discriminate on brand or price – she loved it all! A lover of black tea with loads of sugar and a splash of cream, she would sit and admire her holiday decorations. In later years, she may sip Pink Moscato whilst eating some of her favorite Italian food. Many a Halloween you would find Catherine decked out in one costume or another! These things in summation helped contribute to her longevity (in case you are wondering how you can also outlive most of your family).  

She was a lover of antiques and became an entrepreneur having her own antique shops first in Chesapeake, then in Virginia Beach. Not surprisingly, her shops were called “Catherine’s Antiques.” At the auctions, she liked to say the other buyers hated to see her come in because she would buy up the place! She was very proud of her antique business as well as being the President of Parents without Partners, Norfolk chapter, for many years. She was even in the Chesapeake Clipper for this!

Aside from her family, her plants, flowers, and lawn, brought her the greatest joy in her last years. She loved to sit outside, watch the neighbors, and take in the view. She was a happy, beautiful woman who will be severely missed by those who survive her. Thus, a Celebration of Life (which of course includes hot tea, Italian food, and Pink Moscato) will be held in her loving honor at her home in Yorktown, VA. The Celebration of Life is private. For inquiries, please contact Karen or Matt.

Catherine’s life was original and so we wanted this obituary to be. We mean no offense or disrespect. As we said, she loved to laugh, and we know she will be laughing at this from Heaven. She was loved, heart and soul.

In lieu of flowers which are sad to throw away, please plant a tree in her honor:  

Memorial Trees Planted in National Forests as Gifts (treesforachange.com)

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