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Personal Preference - Personal Choice

If you or your family chooses cremation, the memorial service or celebration of life doesn't have to be any less meaningful than a traditional funeral service. We work with the family to provide personal glimpses of the deceased through photographs, video tributes, special music, quilts, artwork, personal memorabilia or other items.

Many choose cremation because of personal preference, budget concerns, environmental considerations, or religious beliefs. It is an alternative to burial or entombment, not necessarily a decision to omit the funeral or burial.

What We Offer

  • Full funeral service at the funeral home chapel, a church, or other location
  • Graveside service
  • Visitation and viewing, with a rental casket available if you request a public or private viewing before cremation
  • Memorial service without a viewing
  • Cremation with no service or ceremony
  • Cremation with military honors

Unique Features at Weymouth

For active duty military personnel or Veterans who choose cremation without a burial, a unique feature of Weymouth Funeral Home and Crematory is our large manicured front lawn which allows us to perform full military honors in a beautiful and dignified setting with the American flag at half staff.

Veronica Weymouth

Veronica Weymouth
President, Owner

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