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Weymouth Funeral Home has dedicated, caring professionals who handle all details of funeral planning, making sure nothing is omitted. These details include:
  • Securing a location for services -- funeral home chapel, church, or graveside
  • Scheduling cemetery services and appointments
  • Placing and/or writing the obituary in local or out-of-town newspapers
  • Handling out-of-town service arrangements (regionally, nationally, or abroad)
  • Securing clergy
  • Securing musicians - organist, bagpipers, cantors, etc.
  • Obtaining military honors if eligible
  • Providing a large selection of merchandise including urns, caskets, and vaults
  • Creating a unique funeral service or memorial service tailored to the individual's life, interests, or religious beliefs
For family and friends, a funeral service represents a therapeutic remembrance of one's life; a tradition that is part of the cycle of life.

Locally Owned
As a locally owned and operated funeral home, we promote an experience, not a business arrangement. We advise families based on their actual needs and budgets.
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